Yurt Lines

This week’s photo challenge, Lines, made me think of the two years we lived in a yurt. When we lived there we were surrounded by lines in many directions:


Empty yurt the day we moved in

Inside the Yurt_2275667897_m

Our “bedroom”. We loved to rearrange and even the kitchen counters could be moved when we got bored.

Yurt kitchen_2974201937_m

Note the oil lamp on the counter. This is how I would cook after dark. I would put a lamp next to the cutting board  and do my prep. Then I’d move it near (but not TOO near) the stove while I cooked. As you can see I’ve got a camp stove on top of the actual stove. I would hook up the actual stove a few days later…

Though the yurt itself was a circle, the walls were a lattice of wood. As you can see in the photo directly above, there is a metal cable that goes around the top of the lattice and notches on the ends of the roof joists rested on this cable supporting the roof and keeping the walls upright.

Yurt Dome_2275665697_m

All of the roof joists converged at the dome. In a traditional yurt this would be a smoke hole but in our case it was a Plexiglas dome that could be cracked open to let heat and cooking smells out. It also had an interesting side effect: you could tell time using it. The sun (or full moon) would shine through the dome and project a circle inside. As time passed, the circle of light would go down one wall, across the floor, up the other wall, and then the sun or moon would set. We got pretty good at being able to estimate the time based on this though we had to be aware that it changed as the seasons changed. And in fact, you could see that as well, with the path of the circle changing location in the yurt depending on the season.

It was quite a while back, though – as you can see from how different we looked back in the day!

Yurt Years Todd_2452176713_m


Dae in Yurt_2974217921_m

Daegan, 19 years ago


All three of us – the entire un-assembled yurt is in the back of the truck behind us.


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    • Thank you so much. I have plans to write a few different entries on the subject along with photos. (I actually have an archived blog with two years of entries I made real-time). Perhaps someday there will be a book as well.

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